Quickie Update

So the short update on me: we’ve been running the X-wing RPG at my FLGS, and we’ve had a good time. We started out by escaping their base, and having a star destroyer show up alongside the Imperials. I made one out of cardboard. It’s 3 feet long and just sits on the edge of the board. We had some rules for making it fire and stuff, but it didn’t have hull values or anything just to let the players know to not even bother, just RUN. The game was chaos though, because there were just SO MANY ships on the table. Each player was controlling 2 ships (scenario specific rule, usually its just the one), and there were 8 players, so in order to have enough Imperials on the table to motivate the Rebels to escape there had to be… well, a lot. I ended up cutting out a bunch of steps from the scenario and just cutting to the conclusion because it was taking like 45 minutes to do a round. We also attacked a Scum space station in order to establish a new base, and ran into a nasty surprise among the asteroids leading up to it. Finally, the players defended a shipment of reinforcement ships for their squadron hangar, and only barely managed to survive. They had a YT-1300, a 2400, and a transport that they were supposed to protect and only managed to save the Transport, but it worked out because they unlocked B-wings as a reinforcement ship. We missed our last game due to me having to work, and our next one is scheduled for Canada day (our national holiday, so the store will be closed), so we’re either going to get another night that week or just wait AGAIN to play, which would suck.

I’ve missed a couple of previews from FFG about the new Wave 7 that I’d like to write about, so those will be coming out in quick succession, and we played a 4 player game ten days ago that I’d like to do a recap of, so stay tuned!


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