Game Knight Spring Tournament

So I am done my exams! There’s hopefully going to be a lot more x-wing in my life over the summer, and that means more writing on this blog!

Tonight was the spring league wrap-up at my FLGS, Game Knight Games. It turned out to also be the Spring Tournament, since they had the kit and they wanted to hand it out. Almost everyone was surprised by that, so most people seemed to be flying stuff they were just experimenting with, but it was still really fun. I flew Fel’s Defenders, and let me tell you, boy did it perform. It’s midnight here and I’m kinda high on victory (spoiler alert), so I’m writing this now while it’s still fresh and because the chemicals have tricked my body into thinking that I have the energy to do this. I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures because it was a great evening. Then again me taking pictures with my cellphone usually sucks anyway.

First game: Josh. Win: 100-0

It was my first time meeting Josh tonight. He brought Carnor Jax and Soontir Fel, both with PTL and Autothrusters, and an OGP Lambda shuttle with HLC, Engine Upgrade, and… something else. I can’t remember what. The squadron builder is telling me that’s only 95 points and I know he had 99 but I can’t for the life of me remember what his other upgrades were on the shuttle. Oh well.

We set up with my Defenders making a joust at his shuttle on the left side of the board and Soontir coming up behind, and his two Squints coming from the center towards us. I was able to sink quite a few hits in to the shuttle that first round of shooting. I made sure I was using Target Locks with my Defenders so that Carnor wouldn’t be such a problem, but it did make defending more difficult. I tabled him without losing a thing though.

Second game: Cam. Win: 100-32

I’ve played a couple times with Cam, and he’s always fun. This time he was rocking two Imperial Firesprays: Kath Scarlet and Krassis Trelix. Both had Manglers; Kath had a Rebel Captive and Marksmanship, Krassis had a Recon Specialist. Edit: I’ve been informed that there was an Engine Upgrade on both ships, bringing this list to 99. This game actually went pretty fast, it only took about half an hour. The first round of shooting Soontir ended up with I think 3 stress tokens. The guys at the next table were joking that Tycho must be in that interceptor. He had one from PTL, one from Rebel captive, and then got another for cancelling a crit that Kath sent his way. Next turn I did a green to knock one stress off and then immediately got another for shooting at Kath, which thankfully gave me a focus to use, but then got another when she attacked back. So four rounds of doing green maneuvers later…

The Defenders really held their own this game. He got one off the table before I finished him off, but man, they just caught everyone off-guard. The Defender is a weird ship. I had this conversation with one of the other guys, and I think I’m going to write a post tomorrow about my theory on how to use the Defender effectively, because apparently I did that tonight really well #humblebrag.

Third game: Dan. Win: 100-0

Dan was also someone I met for the first time tonight. He’d recently come over from Star Trek Attack Wing and is really loving X-wing. At this point I think something went a little wonky with the Swiss rounds, because two people left before this round, and I was undefeated, and I knew that Dan had lost the previous game. At any rate, I won this match handily at 100-0, so I wasn’t too concerned about it. Dan was flying Scum, with Boba Fett, N’dru (which I’ve officially decided to just pronounce as Andrew), and Palob. N’dru lets you roll an extra attack die if there are no friends at range 1-2, and he’d given him Lone Wolf and Cluster Missiles, which I gotta say is a fantastic combination. Palob had the Moldy Crow title, a Blaster Turret, and the K-4 Security Droid crew that lets you get a TL after doing a green maneuver. I was questioning his sanity for not taking a recon specialist until I realized he could steal my focus and stockpile them. He did take a focus off Soontir, but I ran straight at him with my defenders and ripped through him in one round of shooting with all 3 (Soontir from the side). Soontir opened with coming in at an angle at N’dru, where we both fired from just barely in Range 3 and I dinked a single shield off him. Two dice with a reroll and a focus is surprisingly hard to hit! Next round He banked towards me, but I took a hard 3 back toward the center and boosted and barrel rolled right out of his arc, making his target lock useless. My defenders had to make a big 3 turn because Boba was blocking the 4-k, but they were both able to shoot at N’dru. I think it was another round or two before he came off though. Holy smokes though, Soontir Fel. That guy came running at Boba and was out of his arc the whole game. Seriously, Boba never got a shot on him. Well, I think he took two potshots early, right after Palob died, but after that it was all me at range 1 straight into his flank, or I’d bumped him so he couldn’t shoot anyway.

Fourth Game: Steve. Win: 100-32

That score does NOT tell the story. This game had so much back and forth, you’d have thought we were playing tennis. Steve was flying a naked Black Squadron TIE (PS4), Echo, and Whisper. Both Phantoms had Veteran Instincts, Fire Control Systems, Advanced Cloaking Devices, and Gunners. Those were super nasty. Disclaimer: Steve had a camcorder there and did a recap after every round, which I’m sure he’ll be posting to the FLGS facebook group. When he does that, I’ll edit this post to include that link. It is entirely possible that I’ve misremembered some things about this match, but I didn’t want to leave this out, so you can have my version now and the real version later! Edit: Steve posted his video, and it’s official I did misremember some things. I’m not going to go editing the whole post to straighten it out though, they aren’t big things. His video is a recap of the whole tournament from his perspective, so our battle starts at 10:11 and runs to the end of the video.

We set up in opposite corners, both pointed straight ahead. My defenders did one 5 straight, and then did 2/3 banks to turn into the middle, so they spent much of the game on an angle. Soontir dashed up the side and ended up right in the flank of Echo, who was pointed directly right (like, parallel to Steve’s edge), and about half an inch from the edge, and unclocked. Soontir unloaded into his side and took him down to 1 hull on that first encounter. I was feeling pretty good at that point. The next round both my Defenders k-turned and Whisper was right in both their sights. But, Whisper shot at Soontir first, and landed a Direct Hit. My Defenders both hammered into the now-cloaked Whisper, and came up with nothing for their efforts. Dramatic swing. Soontir was able to put 2 damage on the TIE that round, but I’d trade that for 2 damage on Soontir Fel any day of the week. More maneuvering, lots of dice rolling. Whisper fired at range 3 and my 1 hull Soontir. I realized he had Gunner, and because I only had the 1 hull the normal strategy of just letting him get 1 damage through wasn’t going to do me any good. He pulled through. Holy smokes, Soontir Fel came through when he was being shot at. He had 4 hits on both rolls and I had a focus and an evade. First roll, I came up 3 evades and a focus. I spent the Evade token. Second shot, I rolled 2 evades and 2 focus. There was cheering, I may have been crying, it was a wild time. Alright I didn’t cry, but I did sit down (because really who stays sitting down while playing the championship game) and put my face on the table. I couldn’t believe it. The next round Echo knocked off one of my Defenders who had been down to 1 hull, which left me in a very rough spot having Soontir with 1 hull and a Defender with no shields, against a full health Whisper, 1 hull TIE, and 1 hull Echo that I couldn’t seem to hit. But, that same round Whisper flew right into the side of the TIE and my other Defender plopped into range 1, rolled himself 4 hits with the use of a focus and target lock, and Whisper rolled 2 blanks to become space-dust. I happily traded that Defender for his Phantom. The round after that Soontir fired through an asteroid at an uncloaked Echo to finish him off (Echo was at range 1 of my Defender’s rear, so I really appreciated that), and then shrugged off the clumsy attack of the TIE pilot. I took a round to reorient my ships, and the next one Soontir came in with 4 hits on the TIE, which there was no way he could live through and we shook on it. That was a crazy match, I haven’t played one that intense in a long time, if ever! Easily my favourite match of the night.

I couldn’t believe how much schwag they gave me tonight. I got my first acrylic stuff, a range ruler and a pair of Cloak Tokens, a funky TIE fighter dice bag, a slew of alt-art cards, a card box… oh, and apparently the spring champion gets a medal? A MEDAL?? I wore that home proudly, like the giant nerd I am.

I’ve got a buddy coming over tomorrow for the express purpose of introducing him to x-wing, so I’ll be playing more, but I don’t know if that’ll be worthy of writing about here. I do plan to give a writeup tomorrow about TIE Defenders and my thoughts on them, because they really carried their weight tonight and I don’t see a lot of people using them. Also, the FLGS RPG campaign that I’m running is starting up in 2 weeks (May 6), so I’ll be posting the final rules for that this weekend and then there’ll be recaps for that too!

Alright, the adrenaline/Glitterstim has worn off, and I’m now super tired. I’m not even going to read this over again to check for spelling errors. I guess I’ll do that in the morning, so if you read this between now (12:45am) and then, my apologies for the chaotic mess that I’m sure this post is. Hey look, a Save Draft button!…. nah.


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