Tabletop Day!

I was able to get some gaming in yesterday for Tabletop Day. My FLGS hosted an event at a nearby church and I bet there was 100 people in there at one point all gaming, which was very cool to see. I ran into some people I hadn’t seen in a very long time, and they just so happened to have recently picked up a starter set for X-wing Minis and wanted to have a game to see if they were playing correctly and also just learn from someone who knew what they were doing (who, me?).

We found one other kid who wanted to learn, so we just played a 2v2 of 2 Academy Pilots and 2 Obsidians vs 2 Talas and 2 Bandits, which made for a pretty even fight. Except that the Imperials shredded the Rebels. I was in control of the Obsidians, so that may have had something to do with it and I was able to focus my fire every turn, but they had fun and are excited to play more.

After that one of the guys who regularly comes to the league nights showed up and we decided to have a proper 2v2 (the kid had wandered off). This time each of us took one newbie. I handed off my YT-3700 list to the guy playing Rebels (Leebo and Chewie with upgrades), and scrounged up 3 firesprays for the Imperial newb. I don’t own 3 firesprays, just 2, but really when was the last time I wanted to get 2 firesprays on the table? I’d left one at home because it doesn’t quite fit into my case (same with my second Falcon, which was also left at home), but one of the hosts had a pair that he was willing to share with us. I flew Fel’s Defenders (Soontir with Royal Guard, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, PTL, and 2 PS3 Defenders), and the other guy had Wedge, Keyan Farlander with PTL, and Horton Salm with the BTL title and an ion turret. Well, this game didn’t go too well for the Rebels either, seeing as we didn’t lose a single ship. Soontir didn’t even get shot at, neither of my Defenders lost all their shields. A couple firesprays did take a beating, but none went down, and we were able to focus fire well enough that we knocked out the small Aces pretty quick and then dropped Chewie a turn or two after that. We called it with just Leebo on the board.

I was hoping to give Armada a try (I haven’t picked any of it up but dang I’d like to), but I didn’t get the chance. I needed some lunch and when I got back my friends were just getting into a game of Smallworld, which I love, so I played that till it was time to head home. Got exams this week, so the amount of time I spent there was likely irresponsible to begin with and I didn’t want to push it too far. But, there’s an Armada night at Game Knight this Wednesday, and at that point I’ll be down to just a takehome exam so I may well go to that! Most people who like x-wing seem to have an interest in Armada, so I’ll likely write about that here too.

And then we’re starting up the X-wing RPG on May 6, so I’m hard at work getting that all ready to go. I do want to get a bunch of gaming in between the end of this week when I finish exams, and the start of May when I’m starting my seasonal job, so hopefully there will be plenty of updates between now and then, but not till the end of the week!


2 thoughts on “Tabletop Day!

  1. Hell yeah we (meaning at least I 🙂 are interested in Armada, looks hella cool, if you ask me ;=)
    BUT it’s too expensive seeing how I don’t even play X-Wing often enough (=not once in 6 month) for the money I already sunk into it…


    • That’s rough. It is one of those games that makes you feel like you need to play more often because of the cost of the miniatures. I’ve found that for the most part I spend a fair bit when a new wave hits, and then nothing for months and months till the new one, so I feel like I’ve got my money’s worth. For Armada, I’m definitely looking for a friend to split the ships with because yeah I can’t afford to get into two games like this.


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