Ruthlessness and Intimidation

Hey, look at me stealing the title from FFG. So yeah, they just couldn’t do it. Here we have another reveal from FFG. Like holy smokes, two in the same day. I almost wonder if this got posted by mistake. If so, we’re going to see this page get taken down very soon. Or they won’t bother. OR. BIG OR. Maybe we’re about to get these ships a whole lot sooner than we were told. Yeah, probably not.

Here’s the direct link:

So, we’re talking about the Decimator again. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So excited. First big point of reveal, the dial!

Hey look, the ever-elusive (at least for the Imperials) 1 straight. Other than that, big surprise is that there is no red on this dial. I’m not surprised there’s no K-turn, but are you seriously telling me this ship does all the maneuvers just fine? That’s a pretty big deal. There’s going to be no concern about stress-related movement here. I mean, the greens are pretty limited, but they’re not bad. If anything I’d say the biggest surprise on this dial is that none of the 1 maneuvers are green.

We got pilots! Rear Admiral Chiraneau (PS 8) has been known for quite a while, and we found out about Captain Oicunn (PS 4) on Friday. Still no official showing on the generic one, but here we have the last named one:

Cool power. Kinda feels like the Lone Wolf card from the Outrider reveal in that it’s kind of a hero, coming back from the brink, sort of card. As soon as you take your first damage, you gain an agility. What’s HUGE about that, is then this guy becomes an 11 hull, 3 attack, 1 agility ship. That’s a Falcon, except that you’ve already absorbed 5 points of damage. So, compare this guy to Lando, who costs exactly the same. Lando has 1 higher PS. Commander Kendrick (I swear every time I look at this card that’s what I see) has an additional 3 total health but 1 less agility (a ratio I’ve noticed a surprising amount), except that once he’s taken 5 damage, he gains that agility back. Which, if we keep that ratio, means he’s gained the equivalent of 3 health? Probably not. We say that you get an evade every 3 rolls without a focus or a reroll (statistically speaking, it’s not far off), so assuming being attacked by 3 dice every time, you’re going to take probably 6 damage for every evade you get. That’s not going to catch up to 3 health, but it definitely puts you back into Falcon-competition territory.

We also got some new upgrade cards:










Iceheart! Man, I gotta get my hands on the X-wing books and reread those. I read the first four in reverse order, how weird is that? Seriously, I read them 4, 3, 2, 1. I still loved them though. Ok, enough about me. Isard is pretty expensive, coming in at 4 points. She won’t work well with PTL or the new Experimental Interface card, since you need to be stress-free to perform a free action and she triggers at the start of combat. She’ll definitely be amazing on the Decimator, but I think she could do very nicely on the Firespray. It has 6 hull, so by the time she’s ready to be used he’s still got 5 hull, unlike the shuttle that would already be down to at least 4 (and I mean really, with 1 defense die, how often do you see shuttles taking single points of damage?). Coupling Isard with the Firespray’s two evade dice makes that ship genuinely hard to hit.

Hey, it’s that guy who likes to scratch his throat. I find his lack of faith disturbing. Shut it Tract. What a terrifically Imperial power this guy has. Sacrifice your crew to avoid damage. This’ll definitely go best on the shuttle or Decimator, where you can have multiple crew slots to make good use of this card. For two points though, he’s half the cost of Crew Chewbacca, and while he doesn’t let you regen the shield like Chewie, avoiding a crit period is pretty great.

Splash damage! It’s like a little Assault missile. The *must* there tells me that it can be one of your ships, which can sure suck, but at least you get to choose, right? This is a pretty good EPT to slap on an anti-swarm list. I really like the ability to hit multiple ships at once, and it works every round! Kind of too bad it’s Imperial only, lots of Rebel players would like a weapon this good against a swarm. Just think though, if have three ships that land attacks, you can take out a TIE fighter, free of charge, no evades, no dice. This card isn’t unique either, so that’s actually a possibility.

Before ANYTHING else happens, WHAT IS THAT SHIP? At first I thought the blue light was a laser blast, but now that I look at it I think it’s the engine trail because the cockpit seems to be facing the other way.  It’s cool looking though. Maybe at hint at something yet coming?

OK, actual card talk. This card is in the Decimator pack, so the first obvious application is on the Decimator. That brawler build I was talking about a couple days ago, with Captain Oicunn and the Dauntless title, would absolutely love this thing. Since it’s not large-ship specific, you know who else would? Arvel the A-wing pilot, once we get Rebel Aces and the A-wing Test Pilot card. Being able to reduce their agility and still attack them? Beautiful. He’s the only pilot that could use this card to benefit himself though, since you normally can’t attack a ship whose base you’re touching. It does make life a lot easier though. Oh man, stick this thing on a Black squadron pilot and ram him into whatever you want to kill so the rest of your squad can pound away! I guess a Green A-wing with Chardaan could do something similar, but he’d be more expensive. Only issue with the Black is the relatively high PS 4.

Oh that’s so cool. What a fun little card. Notice that it says “enemy attacks”. So, plant your TIEs behind your Decimator (or your X-wings behind your Falcon), and fire away unobstructed, but if they want to shoot back at you there’s an extra green die on the table. Nice!

There’s quite a bit that I’m excited for in this expansion. I think I’m definitely going to be picking up two of these guys for Epic play.


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