Decimator cards reveal

So we had a reveal show up today:

decimator spoil1

I gotta tell you, I’m way more excited for the Decimator than for the Outrider. It’ll be fun, don’t get me wrong, but the concept of the Decimator is much more exciting to me, in the same way that I was much more excited for the Phantom than I was for the Defender.

I can’t find the source article where I had read a bunch of the revealed info on the Decimator and what came with it, so I’ll try to whip up a quick recap. The Decimator is the Empire’s first turret ship, with a 360 degree firing arc for its primary weapon. As you can see above, three attack, zero agility, twelve hull and four shields. We already have Rear Admiral Chiraneau, who lets you turn an eyeball into a crit at range 1-2, and now we have our second revealed pilot, Captain Oicunn. He has the ability we’ve all been waiting for: Ramming speed! You slam into a guy, he takes damage. Awesome. It’s like a mini-corvette! In fact, I think in a whole lot of ways this ship is designed to be a half-captial ship. Couple that ability with the new Dauntless title that lets you perform a free action after hitting (at the cost of a stress), and you have a ship that’s designed to be a brawler. Add in the new Mara Jade crew member (At the end of the Combat phase, each enemy ship at Range 1 that does not have a stress token receives 1 stress token), and you have a ship that wants so badly to be up close and personal that it’s not even funny. I’m so excited for this ship because I think it’s really going to give us some interesting variety on the Imperial side. If nothing else, we could see an Imperial variation on Han Shoots First, which would be awesome to see.

I’m most interested in this ship for Epic play. I do feel like this ship is kind of a half-capital ship, in a way that the Millenium Falcon just isn’t. Or at least, the Falcon hasn’t felt that way. Anyway, it’s got the 0 agility and tons of health you’d expect from a cap. In fact, throwing two of these on the table would cost pretty similar to the naked Corvette. I think these could be almost better though, since they would have the two turret attacks, and actually more health than the CR90. I guess the big difference is the CR can end up with 4 shots per round (discounting the double shot you can get with the quads), and can recover shields, and can reinforce a section. So that’s actually pretty different, but the point is that putting a pair or even three of these across from a Corvette could give you that Epic feeling we’re all after, with capital ships shooting and fighters darting and lasers and explosions and… I need to go lay down I’m getting all excited.

In terms of list building, let’s assume that this new pilot, Captain Oicunn, will cost about 42 points. Chiraneau is 46, and Captain O has 4 less PS, so let’s make that assumption. Going with 42, giving him the Dauntless title and sticking the Mara Jade crew member on brings you to 47. Since that’s a close-combat ship, maybe something like Krassis with HLC would be a good pair. That would bring you to 90 though, not enough to put a third ship out. If you took it down to an Omicron shuttle with HLC though, you’d only end up at 75 so you could still take two Academies or something. Alternatively, you could go with two Decimators, which would be pretty scary to fly against. I mean look at all that health! I’m really excited to get these on the board and see what kind of interesting combos can come up.


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