Scum and Villany Official Reveal

FFG finally put an official reveal article on their website (I was looking for one before I wrote the last article and it just wasn’t there), and we got a little more information on pilots and upgrades to look forward to. Here’s the link to the actual FFG article:

Holy smokes, that’s a lot of cards. No wonder this pack is priced in at $40. So many exciting goodies. This picture isn’t super high detail, and most of the cards are covered, so I’m not going to go all squinty trying to figure out what they say. I did try with that PS7 Headhunter card we can see, that says “When attack, if there are….” but that’s all I could make out. It does look like we’re getting a new upgrade type though. Those four upgrade cards on the bottom left seem to be of a different symbol, and the three beside them don’t have an upgrade symbol at all! Maybe that’s just an error that we’ll see corrected. Anyway, what I’m really pleased about with this is the number of pilot cards we’re getting. We’re getting doubles for the Y-wing, so that’ll right away allow conversion of currently-Rebel Y’s into pirates, and there’s four Firespray and HWK pilots there. Disappointed that we’re only getting doubles for the Headhunter, since there’s already two in the box it would make sense to give us more cards than that so we can use our current ones. The double letter target locks are kind of a neat idea, though really, don’t we all have way too many of those at this point anyway? I don’t even take them out of the packaging anymore.

So, I’m an idiot. The article actually tells you what that new upgrade symbol is: Salvaged Astromech upgrades (look a little picture!). It also gives us a look at the new Greedo passenger:

Echunawankee, Solo? I have no idea if that’s supposed to be Greedo or Jabba. So we’re officially calling this third faction “Scum”. Greedo would be a great card on a flanker who isn’t getting shot back at, but being Scum-only we’ll have to wait and see what kind of flankers we end up with. I’m guessing the Scyk will be in that style, but who knows.

Wooo StarViper! I still think that paint job looks like crap. Oh well. A couple things worth noting: he’s got some crazy maneuver on his dial there, and one of the reference cards up top there says Segnor’s Loop or Seonor’s loop or something. I wish I could make out that Bodyguard upgrade! What’s neat about it is that it’s an EPT, not a crew slot. Interesting.

Ah, Prince Xizor. Cuz if you’re going to have green skin, you may as well be a badass. He’s got one heck of an action bar, some really nice stats, and a reasonable PS, though for a ship that looks like it could play flankers very well, the PS could be a problem. His ability is fun though, sort of a Draw Their Fire in reverse. I call those “Bad Wingman” abilities, since they benefit you at someone else’s expense, as opposed to something like Draw Their Fire, which is kind of selfless and benefits someone else at your expense. Virago is a good title, it opens two slots, one of which is the covetted sensor upgrade, costs 1 point, and has a PS restriction. The CR90 gave me a bad taste for title cards that had a cost and only opened up slots, but this cost is low enough and opens two slots, so I think its reasonable. And just in case you were wondering why you’d want either of those slots on the StarViper….

Hey look, a reference to the IG-88s’ ambush of Fett over Tatooine that I talked about last post!

Accuracy Corrector is neat. In fact this would be fantastic on a ship with a really low attack value, like a HWK. If I’m reading it right, it basically means that instead of taking what your dice roll, you can just have 2 hit results, automatically, and just take luck right out. The drawback is that you don’t get the chance for that third hit, or at range 1, a fourth hit, but hey taking out the luck element is worth something, right? It is a sensor upgrade, so only a few ships will be able to take it.

Intertial Dampeners is a cool card. It lets you do the shuttle’s red 0 maneuver, though technically you can do this one even if you’re already stressed. Could come in very very handy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how common that “illicit” slot is (I’m guessing that’s what the credit symbol means).

Here we go, the one foretold by the prophecy of Intimidation.

It’s got 2 attack, 3 agility, 2 hull and 1 shield. So, it’s basically a TIE fighter. In fact, that most expensive one only costs 20, I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS2 version was right down in the 14 range. It’s got that extra TL action on its bar, but no weapon slots stock. However,

Look at that, for 2 points you can open up one of 3 slots. I gotta say, I am in love with the idea of upgrade cards that let you choose an effect. That makes me so happy, it’s worth the 2 points to me. Normally I would say that 2 points to open up a slot is way too much, but that it lets you choose which one is just too cool. So, pick from the Cannon, Torpedo, or Missile slot. Ever wanted to stick a HLC on a TIE fighter? That’s cool. In fact, I bet that’s where the cost on this comes from. If the HLC is 7 and the upgrade is 2, as long as your fighter only costs 16 you could four of this guy out, all with HLC. Sounds nasty.

Looking back up, we do see a pair of new Cannon upgrades that should be fun. One, I’m guessing here, looks like Mangler Cannon, and the other is Flechette Cannon, I’d say. I look forward to those reveals.

That PS8 pilot has a nice ability, when a friendly ship at range 1 is defending it may reroll 1 defense die. It doesn’t have a limiter on it either, so every time you attack his buddy he’ll get that reroll. Nice. Can’t see enough to talk about any of the other pilots, so I guess we’ll just move along.

Now, in their announcement picture, the IG-2000 doesn’t actually look like its base is “large” sized, but that may just be a trick of the camera. My mistake, it’s called an “Aggressor”. I guess that’s the same way we all know the Firespray-31 as the Slave I. We do see a whole bunch of upgrade slots, right off the bat. Accuracy Correcter or whatever is back, as is the Mangler cannon and Inertial Dampners. We also have some bombs, which is always fun, and a whopping three more types of illicit upgrades. Stats-wise, he’s 3/3/4/4; less health than any other large ship out there, but more agility. I guess we’ll see how that pays off. The action bar is great, and WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT TWO CANNON SLOTS?? I can’t imagine why you would sink that many points into one ship, but whoa that opens some interesting possibilities. If one of those upgrade cards reduces the cost on cannons, the ability to decide if you want to Ion or HLC someone could be very very nice.

I gotta chuckle at the pilot options. It’s… exactly what I predicted, except that they skipped the generic altogether and just went with IG-88A-D. I’m really disappointed that I can’t even make out D’s ability, since…

Mmm, hive-mind cards. So, put out multiple IG-88s, share their abilities. Exxxxxxcellent. It’s non-unique, so you can put it on every iteration if you want, too. Now, fortunately, Mr D is 36 points bare nekkid (eek!), so assuming that the other ones have the same price (since their PS is the same and they all presumably have abilities), that means you can really only put 2 of these guys out in a standard game. In an Epic game, however… ouch. Don’t let your opponent pull all four of these on you, I’m sure it won’t go well for you.

So here’s that card from the StarViper portion that I wasn’t sure what it was actually called. I like curved K-turns. I went through the custom pilot card submissions for TheMetalBikini and one of them was a Defender pilot who could do this on the turn, rather than the bank as it is here.

So to wrap things up, here’s the redo of Fett’s Vette. He’s got a much nastier ability than the Imperial version (maybe this one is allowed disintegrations?) that lets you reroll dice every time you attack and defend, and more of them can be rerolled the more “in the scrum” you are. He’s also tacked on the “illicit” slot, and he’s the same price as when you wanted to pull him out as the Imperials. I’m pretty thrilled to give Boba a do-obah (I’m not even going to erase that. It’s terrible and I love it), since his ability for the Imperials was so lackluster.

So, I’m pretty excited for this new addition to the game. Is it Christmas yet?


Scum and Villany

So, we got a very exciting announcement from FFG at Gencon yesterday: We are getting a third faction for X-wing, composed of pirates and bounty hunters. I gotta say, I am super disappointed that we didn’t get an Imperial Huge ship reveal. I have the CR90 and I love it and was really looking forward to slapping down an Imperial equivalent, but alas it was not to be. I’m hoping that maybe we’ll get it next year and that the energy isn’t just going into Armada. Maybe I’ll just have to pick up a second corvette at some point and paint it all Imperial-like. Dark grey with black trim points… mmm…

OK, back to the pirates. This is also being called Wave 6, and we’re expecting it around Christmas, or at least Q4 2014. So without further ado, what did we get? (Pictures from

First off we have the IG-2000, the ship of IG-88. With pilot options IG-88B, IG-88C, IG-88D, and something generic *cue laughtrack*. There was a reasonably fun Star Wars novel called Tales of the Bounty Hunters where you found out that there were 4 IG-88s, that B is the one that became a bounty hunter and was killed by Boba Fett on Cloud City (you see his body/case/parts in the background when Chewie is picking up 3PO parts), and then C and D ambushed Fett in space when he got to Tatooine but he smoked both of them too. IG-88A loaded himself into the second Death Star to become the ultimate killing machine, and it would have worked if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. This pictures makes the same mistake I always do, where I think the “claws” must be pointing forward and the “tail prongs” must be pointed backwards, but no, the cockpit is at the front and the little engine opening, which you can see in this picture, is at the back. Anyway, I am very excited to see more unique Bounty Hunter ships in the game. They’re just so fun.
Ugh that model looks like crap.
Anyway, some of you will recognize this ship as the MandalMotors StarViper from the Forces of Corruption expansion to Empire at War, but the true fans know that the StarViper started out as Prince Xizor’s personal ship, the Virago in Shadows of the Empire. Just kidding about the true fans bit. They did put the Black Sun logo on there, which I appreciate. I can NOT get over how bad that model looks. Maybe it’s just the paint and it’ll look better when we actually get it. Anyway, it is starfighter-sized, and should be lots of fun.
And there it is, the Scyk fighter. M3-A Interceptor is what the little title in the display case says, but I’m going to keep calling it the “sick” fighter, just to differentiate it from the TIE Interceptor. So I guess we can all safely assume that if we see a ship on a card, we’re going to be getting it in the game. I think this has happened now with the Defender, the Outrider, and the Scyk, so it seems like a pretty safe bet. Anyway, this is another small ship, and seems to have been pretty ubiquitous (double word score!) in the underworld fleets, so again that will give us lots of variety.
Last but definitely not least, we’re getting a “Most Wanted” pack that will include two Z-95s and a Y-wing, all with alternate paint schemes (which, come on, we all love) and giving us cards to use those ships in the new Pirate faction, AND, it also comes with cards to let us use the Firespray and the HWK-290! This pack is going to be very important. That brings the number of useable ships for the new faction up to 7. Compare that to the Rebel and Imperial 9, and there’s a faction that’s going to almost instantly have just as much variety as the other two.
The thing I’m most excited for about this is now it feels like we’re going to be able to do a proper Galactic Conquest campaign. Having Pirates in there to screw with you but also to force you to take police actions is just such a big part of empire-building. I mean, that’s the big difference between games and reality, right? In a game, you build up your big army and you sweep the board, but in reality you have to set up government and actually police the areas you’ve just conquered, so your army gets slowed and your empire gets bogged down just trying to run itself, nevermind defeat your enemies. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m really excited to try to put something like that together.
So, I’m still licking the wounds of my poor broken heart (what? too many mixed metaphors) about the non-announcement of an Imperial huge ship, but this is pretty exciting stuff.

Ruthlessness and Intimidation

Hey, look at me stealing the title from FFG. So yeah, they just couldn’t do it. Here we have another reveal from FFG. Like holy smokes, two in the same day. I almost wonder if this got posted by mistake. If so, we’re going to see this page get taken down very soon. Or they won’t bother. OR. BIG OR. Maybe we’re about to get these ships a whole lot sooner than we were told. Yeah, probably not.

Here’s the direct link:

So, we’re talking about the Decimator again. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So excited. First big point of reveal, the dial!

Hey look, the ever-elusive (at least for the Imperials) 1 straight. Other than that, big surprise is that there is no red on this dial. I’m not surprised there’s no K-turn, but are you seriously telling me this ship does all the maneuvers just fine? That’s a pretty big deal. There’s going to be no concern about stress-related movement here. I mean, the greens are pretty limited, but they’re not bad. If anything I’d say the biggest surprise on this dial is that none of the 1 maneuvers are green.

We got pilots! Rear Admiral Chiraneau (PS 8) has been known for quite a while, and we found out about Captain Oicunn (PS 4) on Friday. Still no official showing on the generic one, but here we have the last named one:

Cool power. Kinda feels like the Lone Wolf card from the Outrider reveal in that it’s kind of a hero, coming back from the brink, sort of card. As soon as you take your first damage, you gain an agility. What’s HUGE about that, is then this guy becomes an 11 hull, 3 attack, 1 agility ship. That’s a Falcon, except that you’ve already absorbed 5 points of damage. So, compare this guy to Lando, who costs exactly the same. Lando has 1 higher PS. Commander Kendrick (I swear every time I look at this card that’s what I see) has an additional 3 total health but 1 less agility (a ratio I’ve noticed a surprising amount), except that once he’s taken 5 damage, he gains that agility back. Which, if we keep that ratio, means he’s gained the equivalent of 3 health? Probably not. We say that you get an evade every 3 rolls without a focus or a reroll (statistically speaking, it’s not far off), so assuming being attacked by 3 dice every time, you’re going to take probably 6 damage for every evade you get. That’s not going to catch up to 3 health, but it definitely puts you back into Falcon-competition territory.

We also got some new upgrade cards:










Iceheart! Man, I gotta get my hands on the X-wing books and reread those. I read the first four in reverse order, how weird is that? Seriously, I read them 4, 3, 2, 1. I still loved them though. Ok, enough about me. Isard is pretty expensive, coming in at 4 points. She won’t work well with PTL or the new Experimental Interface card, since you need to be stress-free to perform a free action and she triggers at the start of combat. She’ll definitely be amazing on the Decimator, but I think she could do very nicely on the Firespray. It has 6 hull, so by the time she’s ready to be used he’s still got 5 hull, unlike the shuttle that would already be down to at least 4 (and I mean really, with 1 defense die, how often do you see shuttles taking single points of damage?). Coupling Isard with the Firespray’s two evade dice makes that ship genuinely hard to hit.

Hey, it’s that guy who likes to scratch his throat. I find his lack of faith disturbing. Shut it Tract. What a terrifically Imperial power this guy has. Sacrifice your crew to avoid damage. This’ll definitely go best on the shuttle or Decimator, where you can have multiple crew slots to make good use of this card. For two points though, he’s half the cost of Crew Chewbacca, and while he doesn’t let you regen the shield like Chewie, avoiding a crit period is pretty great.

Splash damage! It’s like a little Assault missile. The *must* there tells me that it can be one of your ships, which can sure suck, but at least you get to choose, right? This is a pretty good EPT to slap on an anti-swarm list. I really like the ability to hit multiple ships at once, and it works every round! Kind of too bad it’s Imperial only, lots of Rebel players would like a weapon this good against a swarm. Just think though, if have three ships that land attacks, you can take out a TIE fighter, free of charge, no evades, no dice. This card isn’t unique either, so that’s actually a possibility.

Before ANYTHING else happens, WHAT IS THAT SHIP? At first I thought the blue light was a laser blast, but now that I look at it I think it’s the engine trail because the cockpit seems to be facing the other way.  It’s cool looking though. Maybe at hint at something yet coming?

OK, actual card talk. This card is in the Decimator pack, so the first obvious application is on the Decimator. That brawler build I was talking about a couple days ago, with Captain Oicunn and the Dauntless title, would absolutely love this thing. Since it’s not large-ship specific, you know who else would? Arvel the A-wing pilot, once we get Rebel Aces and the A-wing Test Pilot card. Being able to reduce their agility and still attack them? Beautiful. He’s the only pilot that could use this card to benefit himself though, since you normally can’t attack a ship whose base you’re touching. It does make life a lot easier though. Oh man, stick this thing on a Black squadron pilot and ram him into whatever you want to kill so the rest of your squad can pound away! I guess a Green A-wing with Chardaan could do something similar, but he’d be more expensive. Only issue with the Black is the relatively high PS 4.

Oh that’s so cool. What a fun little card. Notice that it says “enemy attacks”. So, plant your TIEs behind your Decimator (or your X-wings behind your Falcon), and fire away unobstructed, but if they want to shoot back at you there’s an extra green die on the table. Nice!

There’s quite a bit that I’m excited for in this expansion. I think I’m definitely going to be picking up two of these guys for Epic play.

YT-2400 Reveal

Wow, FFG is really flying with their reveals this week. Just on Friday we got some new info about the Decimator, now today we’ve got quite a bit of info on the new YT-2400, or as everyone knows it, the Outrider. Here’s the link to the FFG announcement page:

Now, I said before that I’m way more excited for the Decimator than I am for this ship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty excited to get the Rebels their second large base, and it looks like the Outrider is going to bring us some very interesting combinations.

The first thing we get is a review of the new large-base barrel roll rules. If you missed it, a large base ship performing a barrel roll does it differently than a small ship now. Instead of placing the short side of the 1 straight template against the base, now you have to use the long side. This limits the forward/backward movement significantly (actually bringing it more on par in relation to how the small ships barrel roll), and also reduces the lateral movement, though shifting a large base like that still brings you a LOT of movement. With a 360 arc and 2 dodge dice, I’ll be curious to see just how much the barrel roll gets used on this new ship (which comes with the barrel stock in the action bar, by the way). Probably still lots. It’s a very popular action choice, and with good reason.

Next we get some pilot reveals. We already knew about Dash Rendar (pilot), who allows you to ignore obstacles during the Activation and Perform Action steps. So you can move right across/through asteroids, heck land on them if you want to, and still take your action. Note that you still can’t shoot though if you finish your movement on an obstacle. There is the Dash Rendar (crew) card that is kind of the reverse, letting you shoot while overlapping an obstacle and also preventing your shots from being obstructed (which is a pretty huge deal, I think).

Leebo is the next pilot we meet, with a PS 5 and an ability that is kind of the reverse of Maarek Steele (who? Oh right the Advanced named pilot that gets NO love). Being able to make sure you don’t take that nasty Direct Hit is sure nice, or avoid something really nasty like the lose-secondary-weapon card (can’t remember the actual text).

Like Dash, Leebo also comes in Crew variety. Straight from the linked page:

“As a crew member, “Leebo” allows his ship to perform a free boost action in exchange for suffering one ion token. This is the first “ion cost” introduced on an upgrade, but at just two squad points, crew “Leebo” is half the price of an Engine Upgrade and frees up the slot for another modification…”

I gotta say that’s pretty cool. This is also a large base ship, so you’re actually going to be able to take this boost option twice before the ions stack enough to cause you trouble. It does cost your action, but really, shouldn’t it?

Last and sort of least we get Eaden Vrill. Apparently this guy used to be Dash’s copilot. His PS is low, he doesn’t have an EPT, but really he’s got Opportunist built in. In fact it doesn’t cost you a stress like Opportunist does. I really like the addition of this ability, since we’re seeing so many effects that add stress to the game from both sides (and the new Debris Cloud obstacles), it makes a lot of sense that having stress should eventually trigger something especially nasty coming at you. With a turret primary, any time you see someone stressed, you’ll be able to hit them. Oh boy, pair this guy up with the  Outrider Title and the HLC, and you can be rolling 5 dice at range 3 against a stress opponent who doesn’t even get the extra evade die. NASTY.

Of course there is also a generic option, called “Wild Spa-” something. Probably Wild Space Pirate or Smuggler or Pilot or something. Doesn’t really matter, the point is he’s just a 1 PS drop from Eaden, but of course you’re also losing the pilot ability, so you’re probably looking around 29-30 points for the base ship. That means we could see squads of THREE of those, though the low primary attack makes me doubt it.

There were also some neat cards revealed here. The first is Lone Wolf, a unique (duh) EPT that lets you reroll one of your blank results on attack and defense IF there are no friendly ships at range 1 or 2.

There’s the picture for ya.

Here’s a neat one. About to get hammered by Advanced Proton Torpedoes? Oops, there goes your Target Lock. Tired of FCS giving your opponent unlimited locks on you? Well, this round you don’t have to deal with it. The effect isn’t going to be useful all the time, but there are probably going to be instances where you’ll be glad you have it. It’s also got the R2-F2 +1 agility in there, but without costing you your action. What makes this card really great to me is that it activates at the start of the Combat phase. When I first read it, for some reason I thought it said at the start of the Activation phase, which is pretty underwhelming, but at the start of the Combat everyone has already triggered their actions. There’s no coming back for someone who loses their TL and now can’t fire those missiles.

I know, I’m doing this post all out of order from how they talked about it. Experimental Interface is basically PTL in your Modification slot, and for the same point cost. Whereas PTL is limited to actions from your action bar, this one only lets you use from upgrade cards. Where I come from, the distinction on PTL usually gets missed. If Corran Horn has EU and PTL and he focuses for his first action and then boosts, nobody makes a fuss, but I guess if you also had Expert Handling or something it could make a big difference (I know you can’t put two EPTs on Horn. Fine, pretend I said Tycho or something. Happy?). I’ve been making very little use of the Modification slot lately (except on the Phantom of course), so seeing something like this that will free up the EPT slot is pretty exciting.

If FFG can keep from publishing anything else too exciting, I should get the theory series back up by Wednesday. I’m not going to be commenting on Armada, other than to say I’m excited and intrigued, but probably going to have to do it as a joint venture with friends due to the price tag on it.

Decimator cards reveal

So we had a reveal show up today:

decimator spoil1

I gotta tell you, I’m way more excited for the Decimator than for the Outrider. It’ll be fun, don’t get me wrong, but the concept of the Decimator is much more exciting to me, in the same way that I was much more excited for the Phantom than I was for the Defender.

I can’t find the source article where I had read a bunch of the revealed info on the Decimator and what came with it, so I’ll try to whip up a quick recap. The Decimator is the Empire’s first turret ship, with a 360 degree firing arc for its primary weapon. As you can see above, three attack, zero agility, twelve hull and four shields. We already have Rear Admiral Chiraneau, who lets you turn an eyeball into a crit at range 1-2, and now we have our second revealed pilot, Captain Oicunn. He has the ability we’ve all been waiting for: Ramming speed! You slam into a guy, he takes damage. Awesome. It’s like a mini-corvette! In fact, I think in a whole lot of ways this ship is designed to be a half-captial ship. Couple that ability with the new Dauntless title that lets you perform a free action after hitting (at the cost of a stress), and you have a ship that’s designed to be a brawler. Add in the new Mara Jade crew member (At the end of the Combat phase, each enemy ship at Range 1 that does not have a stress token receives 1 stress token), and you have a ship that wants so badly to be up close and personal that it’s not even funny. I’m so excited for this ship because I think it’s really going to give us some interesting variety on the Imperial side. If nothing else, we could see an Imperial variation on Han Shoots First, which would be awesome to see.

I’m most interested in this ship for Epic play. I do feel like this ship is kind of a half-capital ship, in a way that the Millenium Falcon just isn’t. Or at least, the Falcon hasn’t felt that way. Anyway, it’s got the 0 agility and tons of health you’d expect from a cap. In fact, throwing two of these on the table would cost pretty similar to the naked Corvette. I think these could be almost better though, since they would have the two turret attacks, and actually more health than the CR90. I guess the big difference is the CR can end up with 4 shots per round (discounting the double shot you can get with the quads), and can recover shields, and can reinforce a section. So that’s actually pretty different, but the point is that putting a pair or even three of these across from a Corvette could give you that Epic feeling we’re all after, with capital ships shooting and fighters darting and lasers and explosions and… I need to go lay down I’m getting all excited.

In terms of list building, let’s assume that this new pilot, Captain Oicunn, will cost about 42 points. Chiraneau is 46, and Captain O has 4 less PS, so let’s make that assumption. Going with 42, giving him the Dauntless title and sticking the Mara Jade crew member on brings you to 47. Since that’s a close-combat ship, maybe something like Krassis with HLC would be a good pair. That would bring you to 90 though, not enough to put a third ship out. If you took it down to an Omicron shuttle with HLC though, you’d only end up at 75 so you could still take two Academies or something. Alternatively, you could go with two Decimators, which would be pretty scary to fly against. I mean look at all that health! I’m really excited to get these on the board and see what kind of interesting combos can come up.

First post

Hello world! I’m told that’s the first thing any new program is made to say.

This blog will be about X-wing miniatures. I plan to post every Wednesday, with some discussion of upcoming releases, speculation, or discussion of strategy. I also intend to post battle reports whenever I get to play, to keep some records and have something worth referencing. I am active on the subreddit for this game, and often read themetalbikini, which I cannot recommend highly enough, so you may see some references to either of those, or if I happen to post something especially good on the subreddit it may pop back up here for everyone to see!

I guess some background on me would be good. I’ve been playing X-wing for about a year now. I have at least one of everything that has been released except the Rebel Transport, which is out of stock in my area (cue heartbreak sound effect). I play fairly regularly, at least a couple games a month, so there shouldn’t be too much of a shortage of battle report posts. I have several friends who like to play, though only one has actually bought into the game, and I’m sure they’ll be making appearances here either as guest writers or at the very least as explosions on the table! Back to my history, I was able to participate in a local Assault at Imdaar Alpha tournament this spring, where I finished first after the swiss rounds, but lost in the final to finish second overall. My tournament squad there will be discussed in another post. So for now, I’ll leave this intro at that.

Some Squads

Just for an idea of what I’ve been playing with, here are some of the squads I’ve been flying lately.

“Skill Squadron”

Wedge Antilles, Hull Upgrade, Swarm Tactics. 2x Rookie Pilot. Roark Garnet, Ion Turret. 100 points.

This squad is exactly 100, so makes no attempt for initiative. What it does instead is shoot first. Ideally, this squad will be shooting at PS 12, 9, 9, 4. Roark, who is PS4 makes a Rookie into PS 12, Wedge, who is PS 9, makes the other Rookie PS 9. The nice thing about this is you have the flexibility to move those pilot skill levels around if you need to. The other night my friend made the mistake of putting Whisper (with VI, so PS 9) in front of Wedge and a Rookie. Instead of shooting the way I normally would, I made Wedge PS 12 so he also made the Rookie PS 12, and they were able to vaporize Whisper before he could shoot and activate his Advanced Cloaking Device. This is the squad I took to my local Imdaar Alpha. I won all three games with it, and lost only 1 ship each time. Every time this squad hits the table here it cleans up.


Corran Horn, Engine Upgrade, Push the Limit. 2x Green Squadron with A-wing Test Pilot, Outmaneuver, PTL, Concussion Missiles. 100 points.

I really loved this list. It was a lot like flying Interceptors on the Imperial side, except that the A’s don’t have barrel roll. Still, being able to stick them with two EPT’s was HUGE. I faced off against a Defender, a Phantom, and a basic Interceptor, and man was that crazy. There were quite a few rounds where no one could shoot. I did win the fight without losing anyone, but it was pretty wild. Flying a whole list as flanker-type ships is very interesting.

“Mosquito Squadron”

Echo, Advanced Cloaking Device, Veteran Instincts. Bounty Hunter, Seismic Charge. Soontir Fel, PTL. 100 points.

I haven’t actually had the chance to play this yet. I was able to play a variant, where instead of Fel I had two Academy Pilots and then stuck a Recon Specialist on the BH and on Echo, and that worked out pretty well. I was playing a 4 ship Rebel list (I think it was Wedge, 2 Rookies, and a Gold with Ion turret, and then some torps) but the player was very new to the game, so it wasn’t very telling. The idea with this squadron is to keep Fel and Echo outside the arcs and absorb the shots with the BH. I’m loving seismics lately since they’re so cheap and just screw with your opponent so much. I liked the idea of using the Academies instead of Fel because they’re able to be more front-line, and giving the Recon Spec really helped Echo.

My next post will be more about theory.